what is on the menu?

coffe decorated with a leaf

what is on the menu?

What is really interesting about moving towards this new way of eating – large quantities of plant food, fish or seafood up to three times a week, and non gluten grains, is something in the order of tolerance.

It is getting close to the perfect way of eating, when every day, to feel so light, and it is sustainable in that all the enzymes and minerals you consume in the plant food, keep you coming back, each time you fall into some glut of traditional eating.

Today I bought a take away soy coffee, which is arguably safe. Safer than a cup filled with dairy milk to be sure. But soy comes with its own problems. It is often genetically modified, grown in lacklustre pastures and with a large dose of pesticides with your milk.

coffe decorated with a leafNonetheless, you would expect something of enjoyment from a coffee you had waited all morning for, except that it made me feel rather ill. True. I was dubious when I saw the packaging of this soy milk, in this typical cafe with any number of fried produce. A whole board devoted to hamburgers and other fried food, that, trial and error removes from the plan. And a huge glass filled with milk, icecream and chocolate. An iced chocolate. . . (gasp!)

Is funny, because, there is nowhere out in the world to get food that is plant based, or easily digestible, and this becomes the mission. Imagine if almond milk was as ubiquitous as cow’s milk?

My point though, was that the more I eat green and plant foods, the less tolerant the system is to any of these weird things that are so commonplace.

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