breakfast and BMI

family breakfast of fruit and waffles in America

breakfast and BMI

family breakfast of fruit and waffles in AmericaI have seen two articles now, about how the amount of food you eat at breakfast is negatively correlated to BMI (Body Mass Index), so that people who eat a lot of breakfast, tend to eat less later in the day, and have a lower BMI.

This may be true, but I know one thing for sure, on the rare occasion that I do not consume a green smoothie for breakfast, I generally feel awful by dinner time. So heavy and dehydrated and craving greens.

Psyllium fibre

Psyllium is a great source of fibre, and studies have shown that it is the most effective addition to your diet against cholesterol levels. If you have high cholesterol it would be a great idea to have 1 (note NOT 3 – 4) tablespoons of psyllium in juice or water before each meal.

It can also make you partially full before you begin your meal. I plan to add it to a green smoothie, after the delicious concoction has been blended up, to ward off the feelings of hunger before lunch time.

Light to heavy eating

I have also read that it is better to eat less in the morning, because your body is detoxing from the night before, and to put food into your body early on is stopping it from clearing the waste from the day before.

As always it is two different conclusions to the same problem. Large breakfast and correlating low BMI, compared to light breakfast, light to heavy eating, and morning detoxing.

Perhaps a green smoothie should be an accompaniment to a meal, rather than a meal in itself, however, there is no way I am going to go a day without it, and neither should you! 🙂

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