trying to perfect a Thai red curry

trying to perfect a Thai red curry

Do you guys ever get so inspired by a dish at a restaurant that you will spend weeks trying to perfect it at home?

At the moment I am obsessed with Thai red curry. It is so comforting for cold autumn weather, and absolutely delicious. I haven’t perfected it yet, but every time I go to a Thai restaurant I order this dish to get new ideas about how to make something so yummy at home!

bowl of red curry with rice in background

but nicer!

It is all about the sauce I reckon. Do you notice how light and creamy thai red curry sauce is in a restaurant? There is much more sauce than substance, which is so delicious because you can soak up the jasmine rice with it!

Thai red curry vegetables

Also they use bamboo shoots which is surely delicious. What other veges do they use? I have been trying to pack in the vegetables into my attempts at this dish to get lots of veges into the meal and because they are tasty! Last night I used baby corn, which was lovely. I wonder if they have Thai cooking classes in the city. That would be amazing!

I am going to keep pondering and experimenting until I hit on the perfect combination of Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, chicken and veges. . . and then I will share it with you!

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