morning fruit and green smoothie

fruit salad and juice at caffe

morning fruit and green smoothie

This blog has been operating in the evening times, and it had its reasons, but I think health can be a real morning endeavour. What do they say? Do the most important thing in your day first, and then it is done?

One thing that I have been missing lately is the Glowing Green Smoothie. It is great to come to this page, and realise that what it most needs is fruit! I want to see this, this morning:

fruit salad and juice at caffe

A huge bowl of morning fruit and a green juice! It will be great 🙂

Even though it is getting colder and colder, I think that it is as good a time as any to eat fruit and fresh vegetables for breakfast. Apples and pears are in season, which means that the classic Glowing Green Smoothie is on!! It is going to be delicious.

Morning fruit green smoothie

Green smoothies make your skin glow like nothing you have ever seen if you drink them regularly. They clean you out from the inside, and they are delicious.

I think they are becoming really popular as a standard breakfast food. When I was on my way to a cafe on Wednesday morning, I saw someone going to work, carrying a nice big jar of green smoothie into her work. They are surely delicious!

New day

Morning fruit is always a good idea! A green smoothie just takes it a new level of health endeavour.

It can take some time to get used to all the cleansing properties of a morning fruit green smoothie, so it can be good to just drink a couple of glasses at first.

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