Chew and spew – local restaurant

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Chew and spew – local restaurant

Do you ever feel like engaging in vandalism or some kind of anti-social behaviour to make your very real concerns known to the world? I am thinking about it!

Yesterday afternoon, perhaps in the 2’s I needed something for lunch, but most of the nice places I go to get yummy food were closed. This town can be annoying like that. If you want to eat something after 2pm, or 8pm, or something ridiculous you are fresh out of luck.

There is dodgey as hell noodle place next to a tapas bar, which sells noodles and rice in asian dishes. I thought I would give it a go. Why not? Be adventurous in this life!

It was basically inedible. The guy may as well as vomited into a bowl for how palatable it was. I came home and threw it in the bin, and ate jam on crumpets for lunch. It was SO bad that no human could stomach it, and here comes the fun part. . . Last night I was imagining that in some form of feedback, I went back to this shop in the night and threw the contents of the rest of this bowl of crap onto the ground in front of their restaurant.

Wouldn’t that be hilarious? People could walk past and see for themselves, just how disgusting their food is! It would be great, don’t you think?

It is one step up from going and spray painting their windows with some kind of hate, but I could make an artwork out of it!! Haha. . . I could make a little sign saying ‘served here’ or something of this kind. hehe. . . it is a fanciful dream of how their food made me feel inside, but it makes me laugh to think of it 🙂 hehe.

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