green smoothie detox

bonsai and green smoothie in the sun New Year's resolutions

green smoothie detox

It is GREAT to start drinking green smoothies again! My skin feels clearer and softer already! Do you drink green smoothies, and would you like to? If you want to join me on this ten day challenge and you don’t drink green smoothies normally, please take it easy.

For the first few days I think it is a good idea to drink just two glasses of this life giving juice, since it can bring on detox reactions like nausea and headaches. It makes sense that you are cleaning out your body if you are drinking green smoothies regularly, but to launch into a couple of litres of green juice in the beginning could bring on an unpleasant detox reaction.

If you do start to feel a bit nauseous or headachy after starting on the green smoothie challenge, just try to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body.

What other kind of pre breakfast could give you such an incredible dose of green leafy vegetables, fruit and water?

bonsai and green smoothie in the sun

It tastes so good too! I love making them with seasonal fruit, winter fruit being the most satisfying as it is filled with vitamin C, which is great to get a good dose of over the winter months.

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