Gorgeous sunshiney Saturday

dining room and flowers in sunshine

Gorgeous sunshiney Saturday

It is always amazing to wake up and see the sunshine streaming through the windows, in this beautiful part of the world. It puts me into such a good mood, almost every single day.

dining room and flowers in sunshine
It started raining the next day and I couldn’t write to you of happiness and sunshine on a rainy day! This rain will come and make for a gorgeous green start to the spring, me thinks. It is so cosy to have some rain for a change 🙂

The aim of this post is to share pictures with you of what makes me the most happy in the world at the moment. So I went through my latest folder of pictures, and without judgement, picked out those images which did make me feel happy.
green leafy nasturtiums and fennel and kale

Plants and flowers are so energising. Don’t you think?

cane and white light through calico

I love light. I love artwork with light. If I had a brain in my head, that is what I would do with my time!

jetties water and distant bar beach

It is so nice to get out into the world where I live. You have no idea 🙂 It just needs. . .

modulated with amplitude - dancing person
More fun and more people. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what you all write about this for the Beauty Detox blog group posts!

Have fun!

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