Green smoothie variations

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Green smoothie variations

If you are really keen to get healthy, this post about green smoothies might interest you. You have to be dedicated though, more than usual!

I noticed that after a period of green smoothie drinking that your blood glucose can rise, or at least this happened to me, and, I read a story from someone else the other day who had been juicing, including fruits and her blood glucose sky rocketed as well.

It might be a coincidence, but I am not sure. I would have to do a control trial to find out. In any case, I think this might be because you are ingesting fruit in a fluid form. You keep the fibre in a smoothie as opposed to juicing, but as an individual piece of fruit, it is pretty much in liquid form.

green smoothie challenge day 3 july 2014

Common sense would suggest that all the fructose from the fruit would be absorbed so much more readily into your bloodstream and go directly to your liver, however if you eat fruit whole, it would take time to digest the fibre and the sugar would be absorbed more slowly.

Since I am avoiding my doctor for a change, I can’t get a baseline. It is moments like these that I wish I worked in academia and could get funding for research, however, I have decided to adapt my green smoothie slightly.

You would be crazy if you did not consider that four cups of green leafy vegetables and water was good for you! I am completely convinced by this principle. However I have been adapting it according to another well respected diet theory – the liver cleansing diet and developed a smoothie that blends a carrot with the celery instead of fruit, then adding a banana for some sweetness with parsley. Quite like the liver cleansing juice of carrot, celery and parsley, but with heaps more greens and a banana.

That way you can eat a piece of fruit for morning or afternoon tea and still get the recommended two serves of fruit daily as well as all those gorgeous greens and hydration.

The only thing is that it isn’t quite as tasty as the fruit version, but if like me you are more interested in the health consequences than the taste for breakfast, perhaps you could alternate this liver cleansing green smoothie with the fruit variety and feel the way it cleans you from the inside.

I should experiment with other vegetables, and I also wonder what it would be like to just drink the green juice with no added fruit, or maybe just a banana, which is lower sugar!

Are you convinced? Do you drink them? To your health!

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