Dairy hormones

Frothing jug with almond milk foam and milk in

Dairy hormones

I was reading up on dairy this week. Have you heard that dairy causes mucus in your digestive tract? Apparently there is no scientific evidence for this, but I think for some people the cow hormones in milk can cause you to break out in pimples.

It does seem odd to drink something that is filled with so much pus and bacteria as cow’s milk.

I was thinking about this because a friend has a new calf on his farm and I asked him if he would milk it for drinking milk. He said no, and I was glad. The process of lactation places a huge strain on the mother, human or cow in terms of energy, and it seems cruel to treat this stage of the lifespan like some kind of machine to pump out milk for our coffees and butter.

If you do have a problem with acne, dairy might be causing it. Apparently the cow hormones cause your pores to produce sebum.

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