decision making quota

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decision making quota

Have you ever heard that your brain has a certain capacity for ‘decision making’ in any one day? I had first hand experience of this today. After spending no less than three hours (three hours?!?) searching for birthday presents and finally deciding on a terrarium and a print, I went to the super for dinner supplies. At that point I was beyond caring what was for dinner. It was easier to grab some chocolate, and plan to just have something simple with no extra ingredients required, like an omelette for dinner.

This was fine in theory, but as Murphy’s Law would suggest there is always something to come and bite you on the bum, and after work I got into a panic kind of tailspin. . . resulting in the most intense ‘longing’ for a herbal cigarette yet. I considered going and buying some nettle tea and a packet of cigarette papers for a while, but felt as though I had invested too much into trying to quit. It is amazing, but a spray of nicotine mouth spray can help with these urges too!

Last night, when I was feeling so incredibly awful from herbal cigarette withdrawals, (even though some of my non smoking friends say they can be a good substitute WHILE you are quitting tobacco, I am not so sure) I felt a LOT better after dinner. So tonight, I realised that an omelette was probably not going to cut it, despite the fact that the urge had largely passed after reading and writing on a smoking cessation forum. Handy thing!!

I decided that I was going to need SOMETHING more interesting for dinner, but I still wasn’t sure what I felt like and decided to go back to the supermarket, (or to the Thai restaurant nearby) to get something NICE for dinner as a reward for abstaining from these pesky herbal cigarettes!

Thai takeaway seemed too expensive. I didn’t deserve it THAT much! So I wandered around the supermarket trying to find something for dinner. It was rather amusing. It made me realise that you really can only make so many decisions in one day. There was no way I was going to decide on any of those options. Not butter chicken with rice, not stir fry, not pizza, not roasted vegetables, not steak, not vegetarian mushroom burgers, not fish, , , nothing!! Haha, you see the problem here?!? It was rather funny. Nothing jumped out at me, and nothing seemed any more appetising than anything else. All that present buying, or browsing and discerning today just took all my brain power away in this regard!

After the second time around the supermarket, I was lingering near the deli, and something jumped into my head. Mediterranean artichoke and capsicum pasta. It would be easy and pretty tasty and quick too. This seemed like a good idea and before I could change my mind, I had ordered the deli ingredients. Even then, I wasn’t sure, and went back to the frozen food section, but finally realised that anything from there would take way too long to cook.

Of course NOW that I have actually eaten dinner, I would probably be able to make a decision. The same article that alerted me to the fact that we only have a certain reserve of decision making power each day also said that we are stronger in this capacity after a meal.

So if you ever find yourself in this situation at the supermarket or trying to buy a present for someone, just know that it is completely normal, and have some lunch 🙂 and maybe chuckle to yourself as I did at how entertaining it is.

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