Variety and enjoyment on a weight loss diet

Omelette, toast and salad

Variety and enjoyment on a weight loss diet

What I really like about 12wbt is that there is so much variety on the menu. In my opinion diets which exclude whole food groups – paleo, which cuts out carbohydrates or the Beauty Detox, which cuts out meat and gluten and dairy, unnecessarily restrictive. I am often left wondering what I could possibly eat!

12wbt is not like that. Food is so much more exciting when it is varied and diverse! Yesterday I even had a beer. It was delicious 🙂 Today, I had a turkey, swiss cheese and pesto toastie, which was a taste sensation! 12wbt has more than 900 recipes, so there is a lot of choose from, and they make suggestions for your week of eating, so while you still lose weight by choosing meals off their menus, food is still exciting and enjoyable.

It is quite clever really, because they restrict the number of calories that we eat each day to 1200, by reducing the amount of energy dense foods, like pesto, or pasta or rice, so you still have these things, but you just have LESS of them. 60 g of pasta, or 30 g per serve is a tiny amount of pasta, but when it is mixed with a huge portion of veges and other tasty ingredients, it does not feel particularly restrictive.

What is ‘sustainable’ weight loss?

Experts suggest that a sustainable amount of weight loss is about 0.5 – 1 kg per week. This is important because if you lose more than that amount of weight per week, you risk losing muscle mass and water. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and you will just regain the water weight when you start eating normally. 1200 calories (for women) and 1800 calories (for men) is the minimum amount of calories that you can eat without starting to lose muscle mass.

It is also a good idea to exercise regularly, and to combine this with a diet, to build muscle mass and protect your muscles as well as toning and shaping your body.

Long term eating and exercise habits

I am really enjoying this program. Food is exciting and tasty and easy, and the exercise is fun. I don’t mind the fact that it is not a quick fix. I think it is a way of life, until the required amount of weight is lost.

I have lost 5kg so far, which doesn’t sound like that much in 6 weeks, but when you measure it out, and pick up 5kg of weight, it is clearly a sizable amount of weight to have lost! It is exciting!

Sometimes it feels really strange, and I am uncomfortable in my clothes and underwear. But I have lost 10 cm off my waist so far! So I should be happy 🙂 Hopefully I will get used to it!

I am still drinking Kimberly Snyder’s glowing green smoothie quite often. I find that it is such a great way to maintain great skin and stay regular, which can be an issue on a diet. However, I am really enjoying the taste and diversity of food on 12wbt, and it is working 🙂 Woot! Fun! Happy days 🙂

What has been inspiring you in the kitchen lately?

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