Healthy attitude in the city

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Healthy attitude in the city

I don’t know what it is! There is something about the city that makes me feel excited about being healthy 🙂 I mean don’t get me wrong, health is a cherished value of mine, but the vibrancy and excitement of the city gives my attitude a little push 🙂 I am reading Kimberly Snyder and dreaming of green smoothies and planning what to cook to preserve the amazing weight loss of the past few months.

Perhaps hypocritically, I have stepped out into the world for breakfast. I don’t plan to do this VERY often, or at least not for BREAKFAST, but it is my first day in this lovely city and I want to experience the morning. Also, I got up so early and I feel like I need a decent breakfast after not much sleep.

So I am on Acland Street in St Kilda and interested to see how seedy it could be on a Wednesday morning. The cafe I wanted to go to was not yet open and I mistakenly chose the cafe with the heaters and not on the main road. It was a bad choice! My breakfast was expensive and hardly gourmet!

Bad breakfast of mushrooms, eggs and bacon

The only good thing I can say about it is that it filled me up and I think that protein might be good for a sleep deprived soul, and that it was served with Tatura butter, which is a subsidiary of Bega Cheese and makes me feel closer to home 🙂

Very disappointing! But, I will buy some green smoothie ingredients today and make something nice for dinner 🙂

There is a tram stop right next to me. It is tempting to get on and go for an adventure! But I have work to do.

I hope you have a great day!!

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