Herbal tea for dehydration

Cup of lemongrass and ginger tea and pot, nicotine withdrawal

Herbal tea for dehydration

Do you ever wonder if you are drinking enough water? I used to wonder that. Green smoothies were great. 2 L of water and greens for breakfast has GOT to be good for you 🙂 As much success as I have had at ‘cutting out’ all the strange and bad habits that crept back into my life after my big move to the city, I have had somewhat less success in getting motivated enough to make a green smoothie every day. I need to get inspired about it somehow.

My approach to health, however, that it be integrated. You are going to cook dinner anyway, so it may as well be something good for you! Similarly with water, although, I know that there is no real substitute for clean, fresh water, I have had some success with drinking cup after cup of herbal tea.

I am addicted to it!! I sit here at my computer working, (too much, probably), but it always feels like a mental treat to put the jug on for a cup of herbal tea. . . so I think I drink up to 10 – 15 cups of it a day on average. This is good, because it is a nice incidental way to get lots of water.

Nothing beats green smoothies though. . . Maybe I will go to Queen Victoria Markets this weekend and get inspired by new season fruit and produce.

How do you get your daily 8 cups or more of water?

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