Suffering depression? Here are some solutions

depression or dark clouds in your life - dark clouds over Smith Street on a rainy Saturday

Suffering depression? Here are some solutions

If you have ever suffered from depression, you may be familiar with the feeling that everything is an effort. The simple act of beginning a task can feel like a monumental task. You may feel as though there is a huge weight pushing down on you. Or that you are swimming in an ocean of sadness.

Thankfully there are strategies that can help you to climb out from under these dark clouds and live your life again, with your normal energy, happiness and passion. The first question I would ask is if you have ever felt this way before? Has there been a period in your life where you were overwhelmed with depression? If so, you have a distinct advantage, because the strategies that you used to climb out of the depression last time, will undoubtedly work again.

There are also some common strategies that can be employed for anyone suffering with depression, that might lift you up just enough to see what you need to do to shift the dark clouds permanently.

Tips for dealing with depression day to day

– Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time and set an alarm to get up at the same time every morning. Research shows that a regular sleep schedule can have a huge impact on your health and mood.

– Get some exercise every day. Getting outside and going for a walk can be just the kind of good medicine that will lift your mood for the day and clear those dark clouds.

– Try to simply nudge your mood in the direction of happiness. What could you do to nudge your mood in that direction? Day to day, this can help you to manage your depression until you can identify and treat the root cause. Effective strategies can be calling a friend, watching a movie, or reading a book – anything that will get you out of your head for a period will have the effect of shifting your mood slightly. Other things that can help are writing in your journal, taking a shower or bath or getting out of the house and going to do something in the world.

Let it be – the danger of the struggle

Sometimes the depression doesn’t shift no matter what you do, and you can’t shake it, or it keeps coming back. In that case the best course of action is to practice acceptance, and try not to struggle with it, because that will make it worse.

If there is something you can do, to make yourself happier, DO it. If not, try to practice acceptance. It goes without saying that drugs and alcohol will not help your situation and will make you feel worse. So don’t fall into the trap of getting high to deal with your feelings.

Finally know that you are loved, and that people do care about you. You are a unique and beautiful individual. I know that you can find some of those high notes in your life, and find a happier day.

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