Scary colonoscopy, not so scary – Epworth Hospital

Scary colonoscopy, not so scary – Epworth Hospital

There is a special kind of happiness that comes from a clean bill of health. My gastroenterologist today informed me that the polyps that he removed during my recent surgery (colonoscopy) were found to be the sort that would never have turned into cancer. It is such good news!! I am to go back in five years.

I thanked him for such a stress free experience, and he said that it is not always like that. The team at the Epworth Hospital pride themselves on patient care and making sure that people are comfortable during a colonoscopy.

White diet preparation

The main stress was actually the unknown, but the process itself was actually easy peasy. I had to eat a ‘white diet’ for two days before the procedure. White bread, yoghurt, cream cheese, chicken breast, rice bubbles, milk, white chocolate, fish, etc. It was an interesting exercise in itself, but because of the lack of fibre, by the end of the second day, I felt incredibly bloated.

fish, potatoes, sour cream

Then, I was asked to consume 1.5 litres of a bowel preparation fluid, which tasted like some kind of slightly salty and at the same time sweet solution, that cleaned out everything inside. It wasn’t so bad. It is not like being sick with a stomach bug or something and all the uncomfortable side effects such as stomach pain and fever that go along with that.

My operation was at 9:30 am in the morning, and I thought that not being able to eat from 5 pm the night before would be the hardest thing. It wasn’t so bad. 9:30 am was a good compromise, and I did have to wake up at 5:00 am to consume the rest of the MoviPrep for cleaning.

My experience of the colonoscopy procedure

The nicest thing about the whole experience was the warm cotton, hospital blanket that a nurse gave me out of the oven. I hugged it all the while, I was nervous, waiting for my operation. The doctors seemed very nice, and it all ran smoothly. Eventually I was in the operating theatre and the anaesthetist was asking me every day questions about my life. The most stressful thing of that whole experience was when they were doing things on both sides of me, and it was a little scary, but then I was asleep, and then I could hear voices saying that they had removed some polyps and then I was wheeled into recovery. Apparently it took about 12 minutes.

In no time at all my blood pressure was normal and my gastroenterologist came in to say ‘headline: nothing nasty’, and in an hour or so, I was on my way.


I was to go and see my doctor in his rooms to get the histology results and that is where I have been this afternoon. He said that the polyps were the sort that would never have turned into cancer. So I am very lucky and very happy and just so over the moon.

‘Come back and see me in five years’ hehe. He said. 🙂 2023.

I feel like I don’t need to worry about coffee so much (even though, I am enjoying making an event out of it), and I feel like I do eat a healthy, fibre rich diet, and I feel like maybe I quit cigarettes in good time. Hooray!!

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