Prolactin levels to be assessed by an endocrinologist

Coffee can reduce calcium levels - prolactin to be assessed by endocrinologist

Prolactin levels to be assessed by an endocrinologist

If you take a dopamine reducing medication, and have higher than normal prolactin levels, your psychiatrist might recommend that you discuss the issue with your GP. This is because elevated prolactin levels is associated with osteoporosis. While there are things you can do to improve your bone density, such as weight bearing exercise, eating calcium and perhaps adequate levels of Vitamin D, research does suggest that people taking antipsychotic medications risk bone fractures and reduced bone density later in life.

The question, which ultimately needs to be answered by an endocrinologist is how much prolactin is too much? If your medication is effective, is it better to manage the osteoporosis risk, or to attempt to change medications to one that does not increase prolactin levels? This is the question I need answered.

Your endocrinologist is likely to require numerous blood tests to help give them a better picture of what is happening for you hormonally. You may have to get them done a couple of weeks before your appointment, as I think some of the tests are not standard and may need time to process.

The aim of my GP was to get advice about an issue that she is not willing to make a call about without being fully across the issue. She suggested that we would both learn something! I am looking forward to that. 🙂

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