the fear

the fear

Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel very nice. It is falling asleep, and jerking awake with a jolt and sucking in the breath, with an awful spasm in my heart. I think that I am dying, and try to stay awake to stop it happening, but then I eventually fall asleep anyway, and wake up feeling completely normal.

The interweb is a wonderful place. It would seem that this is pretty common and is called a ‘hypnic jerk’, most likely caused by a calcium and / or magnesium deficiency. Which doesn’t really stop the fear. Although I will be endeavouring to take magnesium twice a day, and upping my calcium intake.


I am looking forward to seeing a doctor this afternoon, for a completely different reason, but to ask, , , Sometimes the doctor can provide a perfectly reasonable explanation.

And now for a run! Hooray!!!

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