I am stuck on what lunch could be in this new landscape of detoxifying nutrition. I am eating toasted rye bread with avocado, grated carrot, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, but this is surely in need of improvement, for the weeks to come.

The liver cleansing diet book suggested sandwiches of raw grated vegetables, like beetroot, zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, and I will add to this all the delicious vegetables for sandwiches, like capsicum, cucumber and sprouts on bread with houmos, tahini, or avocado. It also says you can add fish or chicken.

A good lunch! And one that I can already feel is responding differently within a new metabolism. That green smoothie, and quitting smoking, and exercise is doing it. I just feel so different, these past few days, and better, I would say!!!


Lemons are so incredible, they detoxify, alkalise, speed up your metabolism, and they are so very tasty.





In sum total, this new sandwich is:

rye or sprouted or sough dough with tahini, homous and / or avocado.

With any of grated carrot, beetroot, zucchini pumpkin. Tomato, capsicum, bean sprouts, cucumber, leaves.

Drizzled with dressing of lemon, apple cider vinegar, perhaps some manuka honey, orange or lemon zest, garlic, soy, parsley etc.

It will be days, in the making, it will feel so good!

Happy days to you all, I hope you are well! xxo rah

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