by degrees

colourful wooden blocks in shape of a train with a head

by degrees

What I have learnt, recently is that momentum builds incrementally. If you are working towards something, larger, it tends to happen in small steps, so that eventually, you look back on months or years, and realise how far you have come.

colourful wooden blocks in shape of a train with a head

It is important to ascertain, exactly what you are working towards, and this is a process of articulating values.

What are your values?

I will write more about this later. However, once you know what your values are, then these can be translated into goals, and then the process for living the life that you wish for yourself, is to do something small towards each value/goal, each day.

Incrementally, you become the kind of person you want to be!

So, if you are making changes in your life, start by thinking of something small you can do today, towards something of inherent value to yourself. If you do something every day, you will look back in a while and see that you got there!

Evolution happens incrementally, as does development in the urban space, things gradually change, and this is a force in nature. The point, is that you need to know where you want to end up, or what you want your life to look like, so that you can take steps to make small permanent changes to your life.

Have a great day! 🙂

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  • Etienne
    Posted at 07:55h, 27 October Reply

    I think you are right about the power of incremental builds …

    But I reckon you should be careful about wanting to ‘become the kind of person you want to be’. Well … I should be careful about what I say because I think everyone thinks like that (including me).

    There are some who say (in eastern philosophical thinking) that it is the gap between what we think we are … and what we think we want to be, that causes us so much trouble. This gap creates ‘wanting to become’ …. and sadness about what we currently are.

    Accept who you are…. they say.

    I’ve been trying to ‘accept who I am’ …. for years. I haven’t managed to do it.

    But deep down, I actually know why I haven’t managed to do it … it is because ‘accepting who I am’ has just become what I want to be … one day I want to be the kind of person who just accepts who they are. And there is the problem again …. my life is governed by some notion of what I want to be in the future.

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