raw vegetarian lasagne

market stall with copious tomatoes and basil leaves

raw vegetarian lasagne

In the search to make small permanent changes, my research has led to reading about the raw food movement. There is one recipe in particular that is super exciting, and a good easy beginning into the development of this repertoire of raw recipes. Raw lasagne!!! I can’t stop thinking about it.

market stall with copious tomatoes and basil leaves

I have come across a few different recipes, which I am keen to try, but tonight is one that combines eggplant, a faux cheese sauce and tomato sauce.

Mouthwatering stuff! I can’t wait!!!

After trying a few different versions I will get back to you with the ultimate raw lasagne recipe!! There are some incredible ones to try!!

Eggplant marinated in tamari is used for the pasta, a cheese sauce that apparently tastes a lot like cheese, is made from tahini, olive oil and tamari, and a tomato sauce that combines tomatoes, vinegar, herbs, garlic, zucchini and onions.

tomatoes onions zucchini and basil salad

It is like anything, if you are headed in a particular direction, you can make these small permanent changes, a salad with lunch and dinner, glowing green smoothie for breakfast, and cutting out dairy.

It is exciting stuff, and still, the most inspiring moments, are reading and researching these plant based recipes 🙂

Bon appetit!



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