autumn dinner

ravioli pasta with herbs

autumn dinner

duck ravioli, , , in this incredible kind of sage butter. . . roasted cherry tomatoes, and wilted spinach,

ravioli pasta with herbs

sauvignon blanc, , , a little alley way, with plants, and glittering glassware, there is more to a meal, than the food.

Such a delicious warm glow from the wine that melts into the evening,

The freshness of autumn, just coming through the windows,

olive branch


Sicilian penne, with tomatoes, capers, chorizo, olives. Delicious,

the conversation was about communist poland, and the delight of europe in the winter, when the world is covered in snow.

more wine,






chocolate tart, berry compote and icecream, the most delicious chocolate, sensation,

and a delightful after glow that can only be accompanied with coffee, and fun tunes. . . bliss. ..

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