moules frites

bowl of cooked mussels

moules frites

When I was living in Paris my friend and I would go to eat moules frites on winter sunday afternoons. It is such a delicious combination, mussels, cooked in white wine and herbs, and with baked potato chips as an accompaniment.

I like mussels, because I don’t feel they are ‘technically’ an animal. They are a mollusc! Without a brain, no less, so I feel less guilty about eating them. Also they are delicious. I cook them in white wine and tomatoes with herbs of lemon thyme, parsley and kaffir lime leaf.

saucepan of mussels in tomato broth


The last time I made them, I added baby spinach leaves, which is such a yummy combination with the wine and tomato.

Coming into the colder months, they are really the most decadent of sunday dinners.

And they are a really great protein source, for the amount of calories and fat that they contain, and are a great source of vitamin B12 and selenium!!

bowl of cooked mussels

They also contain lots of vitamin C, zinc and omega 3 fatty-acids.

Staple comfort food coming into autumn. I am so excited about all the soups and lovely roasted veges that will be inspiring during the colder months!

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