amazingly tasty raw capsicum and tomato soup

orange soup in bowl

amazingly tasty raw capsicum and tomato soup

This potential new way of eating causes a few raised eyebrows in its implementation. I would not have thought, when, I blended up raw capsicum, tomatoes, onions, garlic and a few other things, that a raw cold soup was going to be very tempting, but it is unexpectedly delicious!

blender jug with onions, tomatoes, celery, almond milk, capsicum


The almond milk was bizarre, and cold soup! ? ! Who would have thought, it could work?

I think a lot of the eating of food is about how it makes you feel afterwards, and to be true, when I saw the product of this raw soup experiment, I was dubious,

orange soup in bowl

‘What is going to taste like?’ I thought,

but it was pretty delicious, with the tang of the onions and garlic going nicely with capsicum and tomato and almond milk.

This meal was preceded with a green salad, the precepts of this nutritional regime, is that you eat ‘light to heavy’ so that foods that are more easily digested get through the digestive system first, and those that are heavier and take longer to digest, get more time towards the end of the day.

Also a green salad fills you up somewhat, so that a bowl or two of raw soup sits on top of a bowl of greens. And it feels AMAZING!!

If you have ever had that sensation of vitamins and minerals zinging through your body, and into your bloodstream?

Weird!!! but surprisingly yum 😀

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