taste sensation!

vital sustenance lettuce leaves with ground nuts spices and salsa

taste sensation!

It is amazing how after just a couple of days, I have never known such glowing skin or bastions of energy! People keep noticing this! As though eating such quantities of fibre and dark leafy greens can create that much of a difference!

You guys have to try some of this! I will put a link up soon for where you can buy this book, well books actually. The recipes are something else!!

lettuce leaves with ground nuts spices and salsaI just had gorilla taco wraps for lunch. I have never eaten anything so tasty in my life. The recipe grinds walnuts into a chunky meat like texture, and adds spices such as coriander, chilli, cumin and tamari, to create something that tastes just like meat!

Topped with tomato and capsicum salsa, and wrapped in lettuce leaves, it is the most delicious healthy lunch out!

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