in moderation

poached eggs, spinach and bacon

in moderation

basket of croissants and people in the backgroundHere is the thing: there are only so many days that you can drink a green smoothie for breakfast. At some point, generally on the weekend, all the delicious things that cafes make like ham, cheese, and tomato croissants, or eggs benedict, call to you, and the experience of sitting in the sun, at a delicious cafe is so blissful too.

Ham and cheese croissantSo, then what happens? Gut wrenching pain!!! I am not sure if it is the cheese, or the ham or the bread, but eating raw plant food generally, must make some changes to your digestion, and then, when, you put something else in, it hurts!!

I am starting to want to know more about what happens inside the body, as WELL as nutrition. Lately I have been thinking to myself, ‘if I just knew how the digestive system worked, I would then know what to put into it!’, and so begins, perhaps a long stint of learning.

What then, can you eat on Saturday morning, that is more like a weekend breakfast, that doesn’t make your tummy hurt?

It would seem that your body will *crave* exactly the kinds of food and other things you can put into it, that are not good for you. This morning I was craving a ham, cheese and tomato croissant. Now I feel sick!! haha,

Cravings are interesting 🙂

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