eat right for your type diets

matrix of different blood types A, B, O, AB

eat right for your type diets

matrix of different blood types A, B, O, ABInterestingly, there might not be a one size fits all eating regime for precious human life. I have been reading about how different blood types may lead to different kinds of diseases, and how people with specific blood types (O, A, B and AB), may need different kinds of nutrition.

Nutritional ‘mumbo jumbo’

I do want to add, that with the sheer number of different theories of nutrition, each with its own advertisement of unlocking the secret to genetics, health and disease, it becomes very easy to become desensitised to new information. Each doctor or nutritionist has his or her own understandings, and the upshot is, that there are literally thousands of different plans for nutritional success.

Different foods for different blood types

This theory is based on findings that different blood types will suffer from predictable diseases according to their blood type.

Type O people are more prone to ulcers, and tend to gain weight due to the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. They should cut out dairy and gluten, and engage in vigorous physical activity regularly. They are more suited to a meat eating diet.

Type A people are more prone to stress and have a tendency to produce more of the cortisol hormone. They should eat a mainly vegetarian diet with emphasis on pure, fresh and organic foods. Because these people have less acid in their stomachs, they do not digest food as readily as type O people who have more acid.

Type B people are the most resilient to changing conditions, however do also produce cortisol in response to stress like type A. Type B people should eliminate the following foods from their diet: corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds. These foods affect the efficiency in metabolism and can lead to severe blood sugar drops after a meal. The other food that type B people should avoid is chicken.

Type AB blood type has only arisen in the last 10 – 12 centuries and is due to a blending of type A and type B blood types. These people have low stomach acid as with type A, and should also avoid the same foods that lead to low blood sugar as the type B people. Type AB should pay more attention to food combinations ie. pairing starch with protein, and should avoid certain types of meats that can lead to cancer in people with low stomach acids.

Personality types as well? What kind of exercise should you do?

Dr D’Adamo also suggests that people have personality characteristics based on their blood types with some types being more prone to stress and cortisol (types A and B) and O people being more prone to self destructive behaviours.

gym equipment

There is a different type of exercise that is suited to each type, with type O people more responsive to intense aerobic exercise, type A being more suited to gentle meditative exercise, type B being more suited to exercise that includes a mental element like tennis, and type AB a mixture of calming exercise like yoga and tai chi, and aerobic exercise such as running.

It is just yet another nutritional theory. I am not convinced!

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