craving greens

whole orange split in segments

craving greens

I missed my green smoothie yesterday and had gluten free cereal instead, but just before dinner I was craving spinach and other greens like nothing else. I think if there is one thing that will make the biggest difference to your diet, it is a green smoothie for breakfast.

It is good to rotate the greens in it, so that you get a broad spectrum of different nutrients, and I have recently added rocket lettuce to the mix, which gives the smoothie a lovely flavour.

whole orange split in segmentsAlso it is important to use fruit that is in season, and so a winter smoothie could be slightly different. I have been using and orange and a kiwi fruit, which makes the drink slightly bitter, but it is delicious, and you couldn’t hope to get more vitamin C in your day.

Also I have found that since eating a couple of handfuls of spinach each day my requirements for magnesium and calcium are greatly reduced, and the orange would contribute to that too.

I have recently read that coriander is a great detoxifyer. It picks up all the heavy metals and other toxins in your body and carries them out, so I have been adding a good handful of coriander leaves at the end, and this also creates the most delicious flavour.

Here is a winter green smoothie recipe. You could also add a tablespoon of omega oils to this drink so as to get all your omega fats too.

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