berries for brunch in bread and butter pudding

blackberries on a bush in the wild

berries for brunch in bread and butter pudding

The weather is just awful. I am glad you agree. It is much nicer to be inside.

blackberries on a bush in the wildPeoples what can we do with berries, that would be tasty and warm and delicious?

I know they are not in season, but I have some frozen in my freezer, and they seem to be the kind of thing that would be lush, warm and syrupy in winter. 😀

Something for breakfast would be ideal, because it is best to eat fruit early in the day.

I am thinking bread and butter pudding, but some modification of such, and with berries. It would be delicious!

Also, I have almost found the most amazing gluten free bread. The other day I had a sandwich from a cafe next door, because I found on their menu that they have gluten free bread. You should have tasted it! Was amazing. The most soft, spongy, tasty bread I have ever tasted. Wheat bread included!!

Bread and butter pudding with berries

strawberries, blueberries, blackberriesSo lets do this now. We will make a plan for breakfast, well after these greens, , , something like a bread and butter pudding. What do you think??? mmmm Berries.



bread, butter (but something else in place of), eggs, cinnamon, berries!! + sugar , milk (I am going to use almond milk). . .

this is going to be a delicious sunday brunch!

See you then!

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