comfort food for the soul

truffles with nuts and chocolate - comfort food

comfort food for the soul

There is a certain behavioural aspect to food. Some people respond to stress or sadness by putting all sorts of things into their bodies. Comfort food is indeed therapeutic. I read something interesting not too long ago, about people who are abused as youngsters, are more likely to turn to food for comfort. Perhaps we all do this to some extent.

truffles with nuts and chocolate

I was dreaming of petit fours this morning, hehe.

So out comes the chocolate or ice cream or whatever your poison. It makes you feel better to put crap in. I don’t do this too much, but a little bit. So it hurts. Drinking a green smoothie for breakfast every day is one thing, but following it up with basically anything you can buy for a cafe just hurts.

The other night I ate steak. I just felt like it. But it feels so heavy inside, even the next day. It is time to turn this ship around and sail for sunlit shores.

Lunch is the biggest challenge I reckon. Dinner is easier for some reason, but you need to get creative where lunch is concerned, to avoid the plethora of lunch snacks that are disagreeable. At home, soup can be the best thing. It is so warm and nutritious and lovely comfort food.

But what to take to work for lunch? I ask you, when tomatoes are out of season, so there is no walnut taco and salsa to be had? I think I am going to make a  macadamia nut and sun dried tomato pate tonight, it would be lush with salad.

There must be a million things you could put into a nori wrap. It just needs some creativity.

Since I have been walking around as though someone has died, which is largely true, I have also been dreaming of all sorts of funny comfort food. The petit fours as I mentioned. When I woke up I was dreaming of those French kinds of cakes that have layers of all sorts of different colours, haha, but something more on the radar, would be this desire to make roasted pumpkin with pepitas and aioli. *laughs, the best form of comfort food I can think of is roasted vegetables. It cheers me up every time! Speaking of which! See you later 🙂

There was some part of me that never wanted to come back here ever again. To get a clean break and move on with my life. I am not sure which part is going to win, the roasted pumpkin or the need to move on. I feel as though someone ripped my soul out of my body and proceeded to flush it down the toilet, which is not nice. So I am not sure. Take care!

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