balcony garden

2012 strawberries in pot

balcony garden

Good morning, good morning! The sun is shining here, and it is warm and lush. How are you? I think winter is almost over! Imagine that!

pot with tiny tomatoes and plantIt is time to think about the garden, perhaps, to consider a lush garden come summer time, filled with delicious plants and beautiful flowers. Are you going to get into the garden this year?

As a microbiology enthusiast and a Virgo (which lets face it, as an earth sign, loves nothing more than to get my hands into the soil), I want to start by thinking about what I can do to the soil to get it ready for planting in Spring!

pot of herbs on my balconyI have a little balcony, from which you can see the sea, and I want to fill it with lush plants, so that I can sit out there on balmy evenings with friends and drink beer or tea, , , something delicious.

Also, I want to make the soil as lush as possible, without chemical fertilisers, so what does it love? Organically speaking?

Apparently, chemical fertilisers feed the plants but do not feed and nourish the microorganisms in the soil, or the earthworms, and something like seaweed juice can be a great organic fertiliser.

2012 strawberries in potIn the interests of starting simple, and growing a garden operation over years to come. What should I do on my balcony to make it lush?

Apparently, all I need is some potting mix, and seaweed solution. If you are planting in pots, you need to keep the plants well watered, and if they get afternoon shade, then you won’t have to water them as often!

tiny tomatoes and foliageWhat to plant? Herbs would be lush, they are so expensive at the market, and make cooking so fragrant and lush.

It opens up a whole world of research. Some of the websites I visited today talk about different times of the lunar cycle that are the best for planting. Apparently the 16th of August is a good time to plant! Imagine that!

I am excited! I hope you have a lovely Saturday! I am hitting the books again! The best thing about being enrolled at university is they have an online library filled with the most interesting books!

Love and honey drops! 🙂 xxo

PS. There was the most incredible birdsong this morning from my balcony. This bird, , , I have never heard anything so beautiful. If I hear it again I will make a recording to show yous !!! xxxxxo

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