obesity epidemic

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obesity epidemic

Studying is so fun! You get to read all these fun journals, which sometimes support each other, and get to the heart of the matter. The topic of my first assignment is to design a program to prevent childhood obesity in preschoolers, and the reading has been very interesting so far!

I have read numerous studies so far, that have basically said, that once you are overweight or obese, it is pretty much impossible to lose weight permanently. Some interventions may result in a weight loss of around 10% !!! (of total body mass) and this is usually regained in the next couple of years! Is this correct?

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How frustrating this is for the 65 % of people who are obese! How much money is spent on programs designed for weight loss? How many magical pills, exercise regimes and diets, which seemingly don’t even work!!

I refuse to believe this! At least to the extent, that if you find something that is both healthful and permanent behaviourallly, then surely people can lose weight permanently?!?

You hear all sorts of stories of people who have lost 20 kg or more, did these people go on to put it all back on again? Just the other day I was talking to a friend, who feels amazing after losing 15kg. Is she going to yo yo back to her previous weight after a couple of years? How depressing.

So the literature suggests that 1: very few programs have had any success at all in reducing childhood obesity, and 2: that there is an age that you can reach children, where they are most susceptible to ‘prevention’ which is surely the key, if obesity is so damned recalcitrant!

It is my job to sift through the literature and find out what worked, and build on that. There are only so many papers you can read in one day, in my household, but I was reading something very interesting about this the other day! The food that a mother eats when she breast feeds a child, can affect their propensity to become obese later on! Also, children develop a taste for sweet and salty foods first, when they first start to eat solid foods, so it is a good idea to put off sweet and salty foods for as long as possible, and introduce vegetables well before fruit and use fruit as a sweet treat.

I am fascinated by this, I have to say! A seemingly insolvable problem! One which no one will admit to, clearly, because the market is saturated with means and ways of losing weight, and people are more than happy to part with their money!

More research required!! Would you agree with this?

The added problem for childhood obesity of course is that children can go on to develop heart disease at a young age, and diabetes, which can lead to renal failure before becoming a young adult. So it is very sad. And it seems to me to be a population related problem. Given that 65 % of people (!!!) are now obese, broad intervention is surely required.

But leave it to me dangermouse! I will scour the literature for the programs that did work, and build on those!

Also, it makes me think that an active life and good nutrition needs to be permanent things in people’s lives. So they need to be fun, and make people feel really really good! I know for myself, I find the gym to be such a great social opportunity. It is such a nice start to the day (to be dancing with other people), rather than *sigh, sitting alone in front of a computer **working, (speaking of which) lol.

Get up and get into the garden girl!! haha 🙂

Notwithstanding these findings, it is also true that exercise is good for every body, and especially their hearts. But what worked? I hope to return with more info!!

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