small permanent changes

mountain trail in France

small permanent changes

It strikes me that these kinds of endeavours are long term practices.I think the aim is to make permanent changes. There is really no point setting out on a nutritional endeavour that will only last for a few months, after which you go back to eating how you always did!

fad diets

The Atkins diet, or Dukkan diet, or Body Trim strikes me in this way. People can eat high protein diets for only so long. Apart from all the damage that it does to your kidneys, among other things, it is unsustainable, and then when people start to eat normally, they put all the weight back on again. I have seen it happen so many times.

I am writing this because I have started to lose weight again. And I realised the other day, that I plan to always eat this way. I will find new recipes and develop a routine of favourites, but I am fully committed to eating mainly plant foods. It is not as though I am going to go back to stocking the fridge with cheese and milk, or eating bread, or chocolate.

a longer life?

I often ponder when I am drinking a delicious breakfast of a jug of green smoothie, how many years this will add to my life. All those greens have got to be good for you!

mountain trail in France

‘small permanent changes’

They say that the aim of nutritional health is to make small permanent changes, and I think this is so true.

It is as though, you can climb one mountain, and then look ahead to see what mountain to climb next. I like the idea that once you have cut out something, or you have developed healthier habits, you can just continue with them forever! Have you successfully given up chocolate, or dairy or gluten? Then what about coffee next?

Ad infinitum.

It is exciting to think of all the challenges that lay ahead, and tomorrow is the first day of Spring. It is the perfect time to make a plan for that next mountain!

I must think about this each spring. Here is a post I wrote on a similar topic last year –  By degrees.

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