strength in numbers – a QUIT story

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strength in numbers – a QUIT story

It strikes me today that there is nothing like community that can achieve what seems impossible alone. I have tried to give up cigarettes numerous times. Sometimes I never even got to the point where I could chuck them away, sometimes I didn’t have the gumption to last longer than a day, a week, two weeks. A few years ago I quit for six months, but something brought me back to these ridiculous and useless things that are no better than a death warrant and so the cycle begins again.

Learning how to be free

open sky with fluffy clouds

open skies

This is no particular milestone. I will be a month quit on Saturday, so this is for no particular reason, but to share some of the things that I have learnt. I know that all of you non smokers are disgusted with the lot of us, but it doesn’t really matter, because if you can reach one person who wants to be rid of it, it makes the whole thing worthwhile!

I would not have got through the first week without the smoking cessation forum. I certainly wouldn’t have nearly made a month quit! Everyone there is great! There is a real sense of community and most people who have succeeded for months and months, for years even have used this forum to thrash out their worst, to ‘stomp and to snivel’ in the words of a particularly lovely woman there.

Where to go when you get overwhelmed

I find that when I am overwhelmed with thoughts, or feelings, or urges to do what no one should ever do, and smoke, I go to this forum and read and read and read some more, inspiring stories from people who have done it. This seems to put me in the right mind frame, until I am ready to face the world again. If nothing else, it distracts you, until you have completely forgotten about cigarettes through words and stories!

Pledge NOPE – and stay quit

There is a ritual we go through each day which is to pledge NOPE. This stands for Not One Puff Ever. It gives you strength. We can do this together!!

I hope that if you ever need a tried and tested aid to help quit smoking that you will join this great bunch of people and take advantage of the community behind the smoke free movement.

And if you never smoked, and saw through the whole thing from the beginning, good for you!! 🙂

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