cardiovascular disease and smoking

dopamine rewards - a cigarette in my handr

cardiovascular disease and smoking

The hangover, of course, comes from dehydration, and the fact that alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it makes you go to the bathroom more. Also the acetaldehyde which is produced as a product of your liver breaking down the alcohol, has a toxic effect on your cells. This can be worse if you drink dark drinks with lots of tannins, or sweet drinks, due to the fact that the sucrose competes with the alcohol for processing.

dopamine rewards - a cigarette in my handrA hangover can lead you to think more intensely about your health, when you wonder what it is indeed that a person is doing to themselves in this culture, day and age! My primary concern today is the fact that due to Christmas stress and alcohol consumption during the silly season, I have fallen off the cigarette wagon, and a, m now smoking again.

Wonderful world of psychology

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Lets chat!

I am hoping that tomorrow morning, when I go to see my brilliant psychologist, that she will get me back on track, as she always does. I think that she is going to say that I should be able to weather any storm, come Christmas, a trip to Sydney, alcohol consumption and all the chaos that Christmas brings, but I can’t be sure, since you can never really be sure what anyone else is going to say until tomorrow!

Ill effects of smoking

Macdonalds burger

Would you like some saturated fat with that?

I was considering the ill effects of smoking as I was consuming a particularly disgusting portion laden with saturated fat, that my toxic and alcohol ravaged body was craving. I don’t know if what I came up with is the right explanation, so if I am wrong, please feel free to disabuse me in the comments, but I was considering heart disease and cardiovascular health as it is effected by smoking. **Please note! I have not researched this today, this is my own knowledge being applied to a health problem.

Smoking and the circulatory system

I think that smoking cigarettes does damage to your circulatory system and creates nicks and grooves in your blood vessels. I also think that the cholesterol which is circulating in your body sticks to these damaged areas to try and patch them up, and as I mentioned in the saturated fat and heart disease post, this cholesterol can then build up, and form blockages, which can break off and become dislodged and enter the brain for a stroke, or the heart for cardiovascular disease.

This can’t be good! There are two things going on. One is that the smoking does the damage. I would give my left bank account and all the wishes in the world to be able to give up smoking RIGHT NOW! I wish that I had not ‘bought into’ those stupid thoughts last week, that said I couldn’t do the Christmas chaos without them. It is a fallacy. You can do ALL that and more!! It just takes a lot of motivation to give them up!

The second is that your body produces cholesterol, because it needs it and uses it for cell structure among other things. As I understand it, eating a diet high in saturated fat can increase the risk of these kinds of cardiovascular diseases as well.

Upsteam health promotion

I wish that they would just take them off the shelves! We would be OKAY!! We would have nicotine replacement, and we would get used to it. There might be a black market, but mostly people would forget about these toxic evil DEVIL sticks, and we would all be a lot healthier, at least the proportion of people who are under the spell!

When I did buy a packet today, the health warning was about exactly this cardiovascular disease that I am talking about. It was the story of a woman who was 39 and suffered a stroke, and now can’t move or eat on her own. There surely would be no worse hell than something like that happening, but as we all know, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and every one is at risk.

If I were queen, I would make it a rule, I would take them away, quietly, gently, and I really hope that they ban the sale of cigarettes to people born after 2000. For the rest of us, we can pray to get through Christmas intact, unless the help of a brilliant psychologist bumps us back onto the right path, and we make it squeaky clean before Christmas, during Christmas and forever more. Amen.

xxo xxo

On the ground

If I do manage to get to next year without loss of life or capacity and I hope that you are all going to play safe this year and TAKE CARE!!! I do think that any one person could do something small for all the people in their community who suffer from this terrible affliction.

The smoking cessation board is a GREAT place to start, but how am I going to let people know about it, unless we get together, here in this community and help others to give up this awful insidious habit? My neighbour recently had a stroke, he is an alcoholic, and the doctor wants him to give up smoking. Every time I go past there, he has a cigarette in his hand!

I wish that I had a counselling degree RIGHT now!! I still think that I might be able to do something to help people who smoke to be able to stop, even if by just giving them the information to the smoking cessation group!

A magic wand! And a hope to help people get healthy! 😀 xxo rah

Knowledge is power so they say

It is amazing how a little bit of insight into the effects of smoking and tobacco on the body can really MOTIVATE you to give them up! It is scary, but it is good to know!

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