living in the moment – not in your head: behaviour

goose outside a cafe in melbourne

living in the moment – not in your head: behaviour

Oh what a wonderful day. I thought I would come and tell you what I have learnt this morning in my lovely appointment, with my BRILLIANT psychologist! The first thing is that smoking cigarettes doesn’t solve problems. After those monsters, who are all hanging off you and your mind is telling you that you ‘can’t do Christmas without cigarettes’ gets to you, and you cave and fall, the upshot is that you still have the stress of Christmas, but you also have the guilt and disappointment of now a packet of cigarettes in the house!

live in the moment!

goose outside a cafe in melbourneShe said that I should ‘seize the day’ (she didn’t actually say that, but afterwards, I thought that is what she meant). There is no use getting into this problem focussed thinking, thinking about what might be a good time, or planning, or saying ‘I just need to get through Christmas’. Seize the moment. If in one of those lovely rare moments of motivation hits me, throw the stupid things away, get out of my head and get into the process of LIVING.

Back to work – objective thinking!

this moment bunch of brightly coloured flowersI don’t want to write too much, because I am sure we are all busy, and working, perhaps, but the beauty of forums such as the smoking cessation forum is that it gives you a sense of objectiveness about your own behaviour! So, you notice other people’s actions and thoughts and words, and can relate, thereby seeing yourself from the outside. As well as the satisfaction of helping others!!

It can be hard with all these triggers such as alcohol, which if you haven’t practiced and have abstained for four weeks, you are cementing that trigger more! The key is, when something scares, you, this alerts you to the fact that it is a trigger, and ‘choose your moment, and place’ but gently try it, so that it breaks these patterns of behaviour.

Never give up trying!

I just have to keep trying!! Never give up trying! It felt SO amazing to be a non smoker, I was so happy and proud and loved the cleanliness of it, so I am in for a treat! When I stop smoking again, I have all that to look forward to!!

Cheers, and love and hope that whatever troubles you is resolved this year and forever more. LOVE and HUGS xxo rah

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