the day my heart died

peach seed in pot with soil

the day my heart died

How to plant your heart in the soul of the world


1. Choose and clean a pot

For your heart, I like something sturdy, which drains well and is a good size for a small plant to grow from a single peach side.

wooden side table with empty small pot

protect your heart from the wind and dense sunlight

2. Perpare the seed (your heart)

As I have a peach seed that I found on my run earlier, even though the packet of proganic pottting mix said to soak the plants to reduce stress, I had though t earlier, that all the goodness of the fruit around the seed might help the plant. In any case it is done now. Probably should have soaked the seed.

peach seed sitting on mottled glass table, waiting

my beautiful peach seed

3. Prepare the ground for your heart seed

Here I have used organic poitting mix, that was bought locally.

pot plant filled with luscious organic soil

hearts are gentle and fragile, they need nurturing

4. Plant the seed

peach seed in pot with soil

the heart of my world is tears – because of the love of it

Nourish the heart with food, warmth and water

pplanted pot with soil in the shade

he deserves love, my heart. body and soul, heart and mind. the person I ALWAYS loved

The instructions said to soak the plant with water (which I did with my little watering can) and to protect the plant from intense sun, wind for five days. I don’t want to bring it inside here, right now, because it is a peadch of the world, and as such it grows IN the world, but my heart is a better place outside.

ALSO: Please note – your peach seed won’t grow if you plant it like this! You need to wrap your seed in a moist paper towel, put it in a plastic bag, and store it in the fridge. Keep the paper towel moist and in about two months your seed will be ready to plant (as above).

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