Farm the planet food goals for 2014

Farm the planet food goals for 2014

I have been thinking about what ‘I’ can do to contribute to values of sustainable food production, since if you use your values to educate your goals, then you nourish a fulfilling life, which is what I hope for each of you. 🙂

What are your values?

Your values are relatively stable, and you can find them by looking back on your life and considering when you felt good and were making good choices. If you use your values to educate your goals, then you will determinedly progress to a fulfilling life. See more about setting SMART goals here.

Uncompromisingly for all of us, the health of the planet is essential and valuable, what are some things that we can do to contribute to this aim?

Food Goals

Food tank produced a great article, which I think is very relevant listing 14 goals for 2014. If we each contributed something small each day to this list, our world has the opportunity to thrive and to nourish us for generations to come.

Local solutions

By sourcing our produce locally, and investing in the associations, that support local farming, by learning their practices as well as supporting the organisations that source their ingredients locally, and engaging in a community of ideas, then we are contributing to our collective resilience to some of the challenges we face, such as climate change as well as the attitude that profit is more important than the protection of life.


cluster of leafy greens in pots

every home a farm

We are a planet, and our problems are interconnected. In order to increase our resilience, it is important to learn from each other, but also to turn each of our houses into a farm. The more sufficient you are in your locality, and the more you engage with organisations like seed savers, to support the local diversity of edible fruit and vegetables, the stronger your local community, and the more nourishment you can derive from your food.

And this is my new years resolution! What are yours? xxo

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