the spoils of a lovely day – fortnightly farmers markets

yelloow green tomatoes - fresh

the spoils of a lovely day – fortnightly farmers markets

olive oil, boysenberry jam, tomato chutney, fennel plant, eggs, etc all layed out on floor

honest to goodness locally produced food! – excitement 😀


What did you get on Farmer’s market Friday?

The highlight of my shopping trip were these tomatoes:

yelloow green tomatoes - fresh

when they turn yellow, they are ripe and APPARENTLY delish! I can’t WAIT to try!! xx

I was ALSO really taken by these marinated olives:

olives in marinade

how amazing from the town where I GREW up!! 😀

It was interesting to chat to the producers too, and to find out some of the legal aspects of selling food and what kinds of authorities you need to talk to to do this 😀

joining seed savers

It was REALLY exciting to meet up with an aquaintance and his partner at the seed saver’s tent! They are AMAZING! I helped by putting product seeds into envelopes for sale by the group, and met some really nice and INTERESTING people 🙂

Labour for seeds

I got some rocket seeds in return for packaging the seeds, and got some GOOD info about rendering mudbrick or straw bale houses, for our little country house. ALSO, I had a cup of jasmine tea (and another sausage sandwich! hehe)


What did you get?

handful of cheery tomatoes

they ARE SO DELICIOUS, I had some before, and she gave them to me for FREE, cause she has so MANY! haha 😀

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