our planet – our body

body language - the city as our bodies

our planet – our body

Perhaps the planet is like a body that we need to keep alive and nourish, in the same way that we put good healthy food into our bodies?

Richard Stone discussed this when he talked about parts of the city being a metaphor for the body, or the other way around. The parks are the lungs of the city, and the centre where the buzz is, is the heart of the city and all the roads and avenues of transportation are the circulatory system of the city.

street scape in Canberra with cars and trees

cool dark night in the city

I have this dream that the cities could grow into gardens, and judging by the heat generating capacity of the roads and pavements that cover the streets of our cities, it would seem that gardening the city streets is one good way to reduce the over heating in city microclimates.

It would seem that nothing is possible alone, and that you need to be part of a community in order to make things happen. Is this possible in a big city under the shroud of anonymity, when by and large the people in your world are strangers?

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