The long road home – coastal food travels

The long road home – coastal food travels

In the interests of fun, I plan to take you with me on a foodie adventure back down the coast! For coastal food travels! Well depending what I find on the way home. I am so excited about a career in nutrition again 🙂 It seems like the city is a good place for healthy endeavours. Just need to study hard, and get healthy and move to a city and kill it! 🙂

How wonderful to be around people and so many things to see and do.

First stop though is a cafe breakfast in Coogee.

French toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup

School starts again in a week! So exciting! It is always better, life when you can see where you are headed. I am headed for the city! I love it so much 🙂

Which City though? The thing about Sydney is the weather and familiarity and old friends, but Melbourne has culture and style and I am going to visit both places again. Perhaps this will be the year of travelling and getting prepared 🙂 joy!!

View to headland through park with seagull

Goodbye fun and friends and gorgeous brother! What fun 🙂

Berry nice sandwich – coastal food travels

It seems like the kind of lunch you would have in a touristy country town. A ham baguette with jarlsberg, rocket and chutney.

Salad baguette with ham

I am sorry we haven’t been exploring very serious nutritional science lately. It will be good to get back to school and get into more professional topics again.

Sometimes it is just homage to the wonderful world of hospitality. What a brilliant vocation that it is.

I can’t get over how invigorating and stimulating it is to get away! I feel a million times better already 🙂

last stop Bodalla

It would be so nice to jump in the ocean right now! It is such a long drive. It will be great to get home and crack a glass of crisp white wine .

I have fond memories of this bakery at Bodalla, but it has gone downhill.

Cafe chair legs and sunshine and cascade apple juice bottle
I am already dreaming of a new adventure to Melbourne for the comedy festival. Saving pennies 🙂 hehe.


Let’s go and jump in the ocean first! One thing that defines the coast me thinks is fresh sea food, shellfish, oysters, fish and mussels from pristine waters. Best take advantage of. These things 🙂

Later alligators 😉 xxxo

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