vegan plant based protein

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vegan plant based protein

Sources of our food is an interesting conundrum. We eat animals ‘apparently’, I have often thought to myself how AWFUL it is that chickens in particular get treated like oh so lowly forms of life. The images that YOU DO SEE on the web from the Vegan plant based protein contingent are extremely distressing, and not very kind.

As I was reading this article Copper and Zinc imbalances The story I read from the vegetarian / vegan convert who found that her health suffered as a result was anecdotal.

Truly, we must be wary of what information we find on the internet, as many of those articles are commercially driven and not also based on evidence based scientific research.

Vegan plant based protein

What struck me about HER article and the other form of anecdotal evidence of a man (a friend), who started to eat protein again in the form of meat (but not fish or chicken products) was that his muscles started to heal.

This MAKES sense. Protein CAN be used as an energy source, however, most usually it is used for regenerating structures in the body. Proteins have a LOT of functions in the human body, not least is the regeneration of muscle tissue, which is why I think my friend started to feel better when he started to eat MEAT again.

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