experimental day – light to heavy eating

spring green smoothie

experimental day – light to heavy eating

After yesterday I was pretty ready to see what it might be like to eat light to heavy for a day. It was a beautiful spring day. Sure! It is July. It is not even August. . . it is not spring. . . but apparently the world thinks so, which is sad, I think. The ‘Silent spring’ rings in my ears with all the bees who are dying everywhere.

green smoothie challenge day 3 july 2014

So, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I really felt like getting some exercise. . . I Wanted to get out of the house, and so walked to a nearby oval, and ran around it interval style in the sunshine. I walked up a few hills after that and returned home to drink a green smoothie.

Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday I decided to have muesli for breakfast. It was a mistake. By after dinner time, I felt so heavy and no amount of water would quench my thirst. To get three big glasses of spinach and fruit and water in the morning is a great way to stay hydrated.

Knowing that I was planning to eat ‘light’ for lunch, I got inspired by a Quesidilla recipe, because I ate the most amazing Quesidilla on Monday for lunch and I honestly think that for this to work, to eat vegetarian for lunch is going to require a lot of adapting existing vegetarian recipes. I want to get inspired by lunch!

Lunch today turned out to be a gorgeous red kidney bean and goats cheese quesidilla and salad of beetroot, carrot and lettuce with guacomale and a tomato and capsicum salsa. I felt amazing all afternoon. I had a glowing green smoothie for an afternoon snack.

baking dish with vegetables and roasted chicken

Dinner was roasted baked veges in tomato sauce with roasted free range chicken.

Delicious!!! I do think that to eat some protein every day is good for all the myriad of functions that they perform in your body. Roasted Chicken is nice. I had to have salad. It felt empty without it.

I feel amazing!! I have so much energy inside. Gorgeous day 🙂

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