reflections on light to heavy eating

salad with quesidilla and corn salsa

reflections on light to heavy eating

This weeks Beauty Detox challenge is to reflect on light to heavy eating. The premise of this way of eating is that you eat lighter meals earlier in the day and a heavier more substantial meal at dinner time when you have plenty of time through the night to digest the more dense proteins in your meal.

My main observation is the corollary to this kind of eating. After drinking a green smoothie for a pre breakfast for four days, the fifth day without it felt so awful. By the end of the day I felt so heavy and gross inside. I couldn’t drink enough water to try and catch up from missing the juice in the morning and every meal sat heavy in my stomach after eating it.

I am not sure as to the evidence for this light to heavy eating, since in my nutrition studies, the text suggests that the reason why most of these extreme diets work is due to the fact that they are by design calorie controlled, and if you are eating a salad based lunch every day, it would make sense that you would lose weight due to the calorie restriction, since vegetables do not contain very many calories.

Kimberlys rationale is that lighter foods are digested more easily and to eat heavier meals earlier in the day blocks up the digestion and creates traffic jams inside your digestive system. I think that my nutrition lecturer would say that is not giving due credit to a fairly sophisticated digestive system which is capable of eating foods in various combinations due to the wide range of enzymes and digestive juices that are used to digest our food.

In any case, half the battle I reckon is to get inspired about food and to be mindful about what you are eating. I am interested in following this light to heavy eating regime for a while, because I feel inspired about it, and I want to know if it works. Perhaps drinking the green smoothie in the mornings again is inspiring me to try other suggestions from Kim’s beauty detox diet.

Tasty vegetarian lunches

To this end, I am starting to eat and explore and adapt recipes for non meat based lunches. I think the most challenging aspect of this way of eating is devising recipes and still getting the all important variety into your diet. So I am going to spend the next couple of weeks hunting for recipes and adapting them to make lunch interesting.

I still think that lunch needs to be an event, something delicious to be savoured and enjoyed. Following also the principles of the Liver Cleansing diet, I think that it is useful to eat a salad with every meal, and I am getting inspired by the salads that they often make as a side dish at good vegetarian cafes and restaurants. They often finely grate beetroot and carrot and place this on a bed of lettuce with a tangy dressing.

A good rule of thumb is that half your plate should be vegetables or salad, one quarter carbohydrate and one quarter protein, but following the light to heavy principles we are not having protein with lunch.

Nonetheless, there is nothing nicer than getting lunch from a good vegetarian cafe and having something absolutely delicious like a Mexican bean bake, or a Mediterranean polenta bake with a side of delicious salad. On Monday I had a bean quesidilla, and it was so delicious. I honestly think that lunch should be like that every day. Either a substantial and tasty salad or something inspiring and a salad on the side. (I didn’t eat the sour cream)

salad with quesidilla and corn salsa

This is another challenge. Eating out. Most cafes would serve you bread and meat for lunch every day of the week, which is why it is important to source a good vegetarian cafe to find delicious lunch time snacks.

Today I made a quesidilla at home and ate a huge salad with it. It was interesting and yummy, with a whole heap of vegetables, which I am sure everyone would agree that we should be eating more of.

It also makes dinner an event, since at dinner you can eat a more substantial meal. Roasted or baked chicken or fish are good protein sources with lots of veges or salad. I guess the most important thing is to get inspired by food and to enjoy it thoroughly, knowing that you are putting healthy things into your body.

What do you think about light to heavy eating? Does it make sense to you? Have you ever tried it?

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