Calcium power smoothie for your bones

glass of calcium smoothie with irises

Calcium power smoothie for your bones

Your bones accumulate mineral density through childhood and adolescence and early adulthood peaking in your mid 30s. Due to the fact that after this peak you start to lose mineral density in your bones, it is vitally important to consume the recommended amounts of calcium during these years to avoid osteoporosis and fractures in later life. This is because if you reach your peak bone mineral density, you are less likely to lose sufficient calcium to get into the fracture zone later in life.

The recommended daily intake is 1000 mg for both men and women between the ages of 31 – 50. Low fat dairy or fortified alternatives are a good source of calcium. You should aim for 2 1/2 serves of this daily. Sardines or salmon with bones are another rich source.

If you don’t get enough calcium, your body will take from your bones to keep the level required in your blood. Other factors increase calcium excretion, such as caffeine and protein.

Calcium power smoothie recipe

It is challenging for most people to reach the recommended amount of calcium, even if they do eat dairy. I wanted to design something to increase my calcium intake, so I used fortified non dairy milk (use your favourite variety. Guess what I found! Fortified almond and coconut milk! I can’t wait to try :-))


200 ml fortified non dairy milk (approx 75 – 100 mg of calcium per 100 ml)

1 banana

1 tbsp chia seeds (approx 75 mg of Calcium per serve)

2tsp maple syrup


Blend until smooth.

glass of calcium smoothie with irises


It packs a punch of calcium to the tune of 210 – 275 mg per serve, which is almost a quarter what you need each day.

I find it is a lovely drink to have as dessert, but be careful not to drink it too close to bedtime or you may get nightmares 🙂

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