One month – new recipe book

recipe book Wild about Greens - Nava Atlas

One month – new recipe book

Today at 6pm will be my one month anniversary of quitting smoking! My reward is a delicious healthy lunch and I am buying myself a recipe book as well.

Asian salad and spring rolls

The idea of a recipe book came to me last night after browsing Kimberly Snyder’s book The Beauty Detox foods. I got really frustrated after looking for recipes. Her theory works for me, but I never know what to eat and lately I have been thinking there is nothing to eat at all! Her recipes are so complicated, with the most bizarre ingredients. It is all too hard. I have no idea where I would find ingredients like: xanthum gum, buckwheat flour, and tapioca starch? And that is just the beginning.

I will be persistent with the recipes that seem doable, but from memory they are not very appetising. Perhaps I need to get creative and remix them 🙂 but I need new ideas! My fridge is basically bare and I am always wondering what to eat. So, the brilliant idea to start buying new recipe books occurred to me last night. Brilliant!

I have chosen one of three good recipe books here at Saltwater Organics. It is called Wild about Greens, and it has lots of creative variations of recipes with greens and other common ingredients.


It has interesting salads, pastas, rice dishes and stir frys. Now I have to read it and get inspired! I think it is a good one month smoking anniversary present. Now for month two! Xxo

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