Coffee by the mangroves

Coffee by the mangroves

The first thing that struck me this morning as I sat down to a lovely large organic almond milk coffee, is the smell of the mangroves and the saltwater, here on the boardwalk, acoute (French for: ‘next to’) the lake 🙂

Beautiful mangroves

Some people think that mangroves are ‘dirty’ but they are breeding grounds for fish and at low tide (like now), children sometimes play on the sand flats! They climb up and down the mangrove trunks ( which are very resilient) to get between the boardwalk and the beautiful, breezy lake 🙂

almond milk coffee!


The coffee here is exceptional – organic Delano coffee, and it is gorgeous with Almond Milk! 🙂

Something GOOD for your body

They also sell delicious food, here at Saltwater Organics 🙂 It is a vegetarian cafe and the chef, Jane, is extraordinary! Just the other day I had an incredible green quinoa salad. I am sorry, but it was TOO delicious to describe!

Delicious berry and green smoothies. Deb makes fresh juice and blends with frozen berries and powdered greens to make an incredible juice smoothie – delicious 😉

I ALWAYS feel SO good when I visit the cafe. It is so nice come and have a lovely coffee and say hello to Deb, Jane, Dolly and Chris 🙂 – LOVELY people 🙂


Here is their facebook page:

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