Green smoothies WITH breakfast

glass of green smoothie on window sill

Green smoothies WITH breakfast

Happy Sunday! I went to the farmer’s markets yesterday, and picked up a few things for a green smoothie. The oranges that I bought are so juicy and delicious, and today seems like a good day to blend up a jug full of greens and fruit, for a lovely Sunday breakfast.

I think that green smoothies should be eaten as an accompaniment, to a main meal, rather than as a meal in themselves. I know that Kimberly Snyder suggests that we should eat light to heavy, and to start the day with a semi fast, by pouring green smoothie into our stomachs, but I find that when I do this, I get ravenous after dinner. I have read in a few different sources that not eating breakfast can make you hungry later, and I think this is because your body has not gathered enough energy or calories during the day.

Green smoothies are a great part of a balanced diet though. It is a very effective way to consume a lot of green leafy vegetables, and if you are having any problems with your skin at all, I would highly recommend drinking a couple of glasses of green smoothie with breakfast regularly.

My winter variety of green smoothie has orange, kiwi and banana as the fruits, and it is absolutely delicious! What a better way to start a Sunday of adventures, than with a full belly 🙂 filled with muesli and green smoothie 🙂 I think it will set me up nicely for the day 🙂

I hope you have a lovely day!! xx

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