Sunday morning breakfast at rococo – St Kilda

Smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise, asparagus

Sunday morning breakfast at rococo – St Kilda

There is something so exquisite about the thought of a rich, indulgent breakfast when I have been partying into the night. I came to this restaurant because I have eaten here once before and it was delicious!

St Kilda is so vibrant on a Sunday morning 🙂 So many people out and about, taking in the morning sunshine. It is supposed to be 18 degrees and sunny today! How lovely!

So I am looking at this menu and feeling adventurous. There is a smoked salmon and potato salad with hollandaise that looks nice! I think that fish would be good brain food 🙂

For some reason being in Melbourne makes me think of Sydney. I miss it and I hope I get to visit soon. It is a nice perspective to have though 🙂

Beautiful places in the world. 🙂 It is exciting!

Cafe strip with people outside in St Kilda

My breakfast was very underwhelming. I was imagining something with warm kipfler potatoes and salmon, but this is what came out.

Smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise, asparagus

It was very disappointing! I ordered badly! I think restaurants should aim for the situation where it is impossible to order badly, but in this case it was true!

Soy chai and water glass at cafe
I think I am going to go for a stroll to the beach to open up my soul and heart to the coastal air.

Have a great day!! Xx

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