Thoughts on climate change and human origins

hot air ballooning early morning

Thoughts on climate change and human origins

It has been a while between posts, so I thought I should check in! 🙂 I can’t say that I have happened across any kind of helpful information for you in the past few weeks. Nothing that I have a couple of hours spare to research and elaborate on, in any case.

It is coming to summer though, here in Australia, so perhaps you are getting out into the world and nature a bit more? It can be an inspiring time of year health wise, and so nice to share food with friends and family.

The Jacaranda tree in front of my house finally flowered. It is beautiful! This morning, I was up pretty early to begin with, and saw hot air balloons floating past. Such a lovely way to start the day 🙂

hot air ballooning early morning

Have you been swimming much yet? We have to get into it 🙂

Species extinction and climate change

Last night I saw glimpses of a film about species extinction on earth. . . I am not sure where the movie began, but I saw a map of the world from 2025 – 2068 and it was pretty scary, to see how many species of plants and animals will die out completely, the way that we are going.

If there is one thing that I have learnt from the series of lectures I have been attending about Human Origins, is that what we have become as a species is pretty amazing. Perhaps Naomi Klein is right about a period of self correction. It is sad, but, if we can’t get it together to look after our own world, then, perhaps we should lose the millions of years it took us to get so far.

‘This changes everything’ a film based on the book by Naomi Klein also screened in Federation Square last night. To me the most inspiring story was the segment about China. It is a dire situation, given, with the smog and everything, but their commitment to renewable energy is inspiring.

Imagine if the world was a garden, and we took care of it 🙂

The origins of human existence

The Origins lectures touched on the development of commerce last week. It came from the agricultural revolution, where we started to live in houses, and have our own personal space. Property became more important then. Previously, you carried what would not slow you down, and property was mainly community property.

We began to TRADE. We could not supply everything we needed for ourselves, so we traded what we had in return for other commodities, and people marked this down with tokens to begin with. A certain person or family OWNED a certain amount of resources. This counting system led to the development of writing.

Today, we work, for a common commodity, to be exchanged for what we need in the world. It could be argued that we are increasingly organised. Our food now passes through a chain of commerce to reach us in supermarkets, markets and other shops.

Naomi Klein arguably posits that it is commerce and capitalism, which requires constant growth to survive, that has created this degradation we so blatantly cause across the human planet, to be encouraged, nay championed in some circles, and it makes me question, what do we really want and need in this world?

Survival would be good! A reduction in poverty would be great! Certainly leaving the world in a better, cleaner, richer state than we found it would be ideal 🙂

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