Two wonderful years of freedom from cigarettes!

two years cigarette free! - glorious fresh clean air - view to township of metung from houseboat

Two wonderful years of freedom from cigarettes!

Two years quit from those stupid, evil, ugly cigarettes today!! Hooray 🙂 As of 6 pm tonight, it will be exactly two years since I smoked a cigarette. 🙂 Amazing!

To celebrate I am having a nice day. I went and swam laps this morning before work, and it was lovely. The time went by so quick this morning, and I even did two more laps than I had planned, because the lovely, but very slow swimming Chinese lady was at the wall when I was about to get out and said to ‘go’ 🙂 So I did!

It is just a fabulous, amazing, and fun day. And I should really buy myself a present to celebrate two years of freedom 🙂

Maybe I will buy myself a present when I finally give up the dastardly nicotine spray. Nicotine addiction is an insidious beast and it has its grip on me in a different way. I am planning to give it another go this long weekend, since it gives me a few days of peace without scary client emails and needing to concentrate.

I hope you are having a super, fun, happy day! Hooray!

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